R 1 Corp. distributes merchandise on behalf of artist musicians, fans and the general public.  We carry specialized footwear for drummers, autographed drumsticks, band shirts, clothing and R Stuff which is a broad variety of things you might be interested in buying.


We opened for business in 2003 and sell to customers from all over the world.


When you buy from us you are supporting the arts and humanities.  Some of us are artist musicians, others writers, poets and we all have a passion for music and art.


Finally, this is a rare opportunity to spend your hard earned money and know its going to help musicians not just promoters or other business types.


Please let us know how you feel about the shopping experience you've had with us.  We enjoy chatting with friends and are always looking for ways to improve.  Your suggestions are valued here.


Thank you for helping us keep music live.

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